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Improving the Metro Joint Development Program

L.A.’s Metro system is growing. By 2028, the Purple Line will extend all the way to UCLA, the Crenshaw Line will get travelers to LAX, and the NoHo-Pasadena BRT will speed up travel in the Valley. These projects and others like it are slowly making L.A. a place where driving is optional.

As our transit network expands, it’s even more critical that Metro make it faster and easier to build housing on publicly-owned land near stations. That’s why Abundant Housing LA supports Metro’s proposed updates to its Joint Development Program. The JDP sets the rules for new development on Metro’s land, and so far has successfully created nearly 2,200 homes, of which 35% are affordable to lower-income households. The proposed updates to the JDP will make it possible to build thousands more homes near Metro. 

But as with anything, there’s room for improvement in the JDP. That’s why we’re calling on Metro staff and the Metro Board to adopt the following amendments:

  • Define total housing unit production and affordable housing unit production as the JDP’s two guiding goals, and set ambitious targets for these two metrics for 2030 and 2040. 

  • Allow Metro staff to advance joint development proposals that meet certain criteria, rather than requiring Board approval.

  • Endorse Assembly Bill 1401, which would prohibit cities from imposing minimum parking requirements near transit. This would make Metro’s proposed on-site parking maximum in JDP projects of 0.5 spaces per bedroom enforceable throughout Los Angeles County.

  • Allow land value discounts above 30% for projects on high-value Tier 1 sites. 

These amendments would make the JDP more effective at encouraging more housing near transit, and accelerate L.A.’s transformation into a transit-first region where housing is affordable and abundant. Please join us in supporting these amendments today!


YIMBY Lobby Week

AHLA, in conjunction with other YIMBY groups across the state, is excited to invite you to YIMBY Lobby Week 2021 on June 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. What started as a one-day in-person event in Sacramento has since grown into a statewide, 3-day movement-building extravaganza, with YIMBY activists  from across California lobbying their legislators to pass pro-housing legislation that can help California’s housing shortage and affordability crisis. If you’re ready to make your voice heard in Sacramento and advocate for a housing-first legislative agenda, be sure to RSVP today for Virtual Lobby Week 2021!

Can’t make it to 3 straight days of meetings with legislators? No worries! At Virtual Lobby Week 2021, you won’t need to block off your entire day — between trainings, lobbying meetings, and keynotes, we’ll only need you between 8:30 AM and 1 PM. Also, most individuals won’t have meetings on all three days. We’ll also be hosting training sessions in late May and early June to help prepare you for your meetings with key State Legislators. Sounds like fun? Then don’t miss out on a chance to RSVP today for Virtual Lobby Week 2021

We’ll be sharing more information about the schedule in the coming weeks, but be sure to register today to save your spot!

Register here!

Show support for housing with a yard sign!

Show your support for housing in your frontyard with a yard sign! Use the link here to purchase a sign to be sent directly to you. There are three different designs to choose from. A portion of every purchase goes towards helping to support AHLA and our mission. 

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Housing 101

Want to learn more about the history of housing in Los Angeles, the facts about the housing crisis, and what we do at AHLA?

Join us for Housing 101 – Introduction to Abundant Housing LA. Great for new members who are interested in learning more, experienced members who want to deepen their understanding of housing issues, and those who are just interested in seeing what we’re all about.

Luke Klipp, our Education Director with urban and transit policy experience, will lead a presentation and discussion. 

Register here.

Spotlight: Housing Advocate Ryan Tanaka

Ryan Tanaka is a previous member of AHLA’s Steering Committee, and a longtime housing advocate. He has worked in product and project management in many fields — his latest project was creating a political policy/campaign channel on topics related to technology, Andrew Yang, and housing. Ryan frequently publishes livestreaming content discussing housing and politics.

Check out Ryan’s livestreaming here!