Homes, not fines or jails, end homelessness. 

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Now is NOT THE TIME to give up on housing first

Homes, not fines or jails, end homelessness.

We should all know this by now. Back in April, Judge Carter issued a stunning injunction highlighting the root cause of today’s homelessness crisis: a severe lack of housing and historic patterns of socioeconomic segregation. 

So it is extremely disheartening to see growing trends of criminalizing homelessness. For example, just last week, LA City Council passed an ordinance to ban sleeping and sitting in public spaces. It seems once again our elected officials are sweeping the unhoused under the rug rather than providing housing to them.

Across homelessness service providers and advocates, the consensus remains that criminalization is ineffective. In fact, the arrest and disperse approach undermines hard-earned progress made by outreach, service, and case management workers, causing them to lose the connection and trust, built through months or even years of effort, with their clients. 

With the 6th cycle of housing element update underway, and cities have shown some willingness to actually build housing, now is not the time to divert our attention and resources away from building homes. Rather, now is the time to continue pushing for bold and comprehensive housing reforms that will:

  • Legalize more homes
  • Make homes easier to build
  • Fund affordable housing
  • Strengthen tenants’ rights

Please take action today and urge your state legislators to reform housing and support a housing first approach to homelessness, so that we can achieve housing for all, and end homelessness for good. 

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How the suburbs bankrupt cities,

and make us dependent on cars 

Watch this super informative and comprehensive video about the unsustainable nature of suburbs! Not only are suburbs terrible from the standpoint of environmental protection (they encourage sprawl), they are also extremely expensive to maintain. Adding the threats of heatwaves and wildfires to the mix, we must stop new suburbs from forming and prioritze infill developments in livable urban core areas.

This is the first video of the series The Suburban Wasteland, produced by Eco Gecko. 


It’s Housing Element season and we are already seeing some drafts published by Southern California cities. How do we know if the draft Housing Elements are good quality? Professor Chris Elmendorf (UC Davis) partnered with YIMBY Law to create the Housing Element Audit Tool. This tool is a convenient multiple-choice form, accompanied by an Explainer to help advocates learn more about Housing Element law and policy.

AHLA and People for Housing OC are hosting a Housing Element Audit Tool Orientation housing advocates, and we hope you can join!

Register here.



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