LA City Council needs to reform housing now 

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LA City Council accountable for housing reform.

LA City’s Planning Department did a good job on measuring the realistic capacity of housing sites and admitted the need for serious rezoning – a hard-earned win for pro-housing Angelenos. But remember: LA’s housing element can only be as good as its plan of action. Unfortunately, the City Council is busy pacifying loud NIMBYs and criminalizing homelessness, and thus far demonstrated zero commitment to major housing reforms, which, ironically, we desperately need to end homelessness. It’s time to give them a wakeup call: will you please tell the LA City Council to reform housing now? 

You convinced me! I’ll do it


SB 9, along with SB 10 and 478, is still having a hard time in Sacramento. As you have read in Monday’s newsletter, SB 9 will create 700,000 new homes that would have been infeasible to build under business as usual – a small but substantial number that will have a sizable impact over time. More importantly, this confirms SB 9 will not trigger massive gentrification, as NIMBYs would like communities to believe.

Taken together, SB 9/10/478 will pare back exclusionary zoning to make high-resource neighborhoods more accessible to lower-income families. Sacramento does not have ANY EXCUSE to not support these bills!

Sacramento must support middle housing! 

Thank you for taking action!

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