Join Our Future LA in supporting a housing finance and solutions agency.  

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Action Alert: support SB 679 and a housing finance and solutions agency for LA county.

Funding affordable housing and ending homelessness is a “Core Four” goal in Abundant Housing LA’s policy agenda. Los Angeles County has a deficit of over 700,000 homes that are affordable to households with low incomes, a situation that accelerates neighborhood displacement and pushes Angelenos into homelessness. Addressing this need requires billions in new state and local funding for the production and preservation of affordable homes. 

That’s why we’re supporting Senate Bill 679, authored by our local legislator Sydney Kamlager, alongside our partners in the Our Future L.A. coalition. SB 679 creates the L.A. County Affordable Housing Solutions Agency: a single, streamlined agency that will fund systemic solutions to the affordable housing crisis, including 100% affordable housing and renter protection programs.

In 2019, the state legislature created the Bay Area Housing Finance Authority, which offered new financing and policy tools for affordable housing production, preservation, and tenant protection in the region. Like its NorCal counterpart, the L.A. County Affordable Housing Solutions Agency would have the power to raise revenue and finance and approve affordable housing for lower-income Angenelos. This is a critical step towards turning the tide on the county’s affordable housing and homelessness crises. Please tell your state legislators to support SB 679 today.


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Spotlight – Housing Advocate, Alanna Zhang

Alanna Zhang is a high school senior at Chadwick School. She is passionate about social and economic policy and volunteers as a free income tax preparer for Los Angeles County each spring. She also recently researched housing in Palos Verdes by tracking the city’s RHNA fulfillment, interviewing a local affordable-housing property manager, and learning about the effects of housing accessibility on individuals and their communities. To support housing in her area, she shared a petition with her community and spoke at the last local Housing Element meeting in favor of increasing density in Palos Verdes’s existing mixed-use district. Being a daughter of immigrants and having grown up in a variety of housing styles, she advocates for fair housing policies so other families can also have the chance to afford housing in high-opportunity neighborhoods. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, reading, and spending time with friends.