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Action Alert: Support missing middle housing

“Missing middle housing” – duplexes, fourplexes, townhomes, and bungalow courts – have been a beloved part of the Los Angeles housing landscape for decades. These types of homes are affordable by design, visually appealing, and fit well in any residential neighborhood. L.A. wouldn’t be L.A. without these homes.

But exclusionary zoning and land use restrictions have made missing middle housing an endangered species. Since 2013, 2-9 unit buildings have provided only 11% of L.A.’s new homes. Legalizing missing middle housing again will make our neighborhoods more affordable, walkable, welcoming, and inclusive.

That’s why we support these three bills in Sacramento:

  • Senate Bill 9 legalizes duplexes and lot splits in single-family residential zones. 

  • Senate Bill 10 streamlines local rezoning to allow “missing middle” housing production. 

  • Senate Bill 478 prohibits cities from introducing unreasonably high minimum lot sizes or low floor-area ratios on parcels zoned for 2-10 housing units. 

Together, these bills would pare back exclusionary zoning and legalize small-scale housing, particularly in high-opportunity areas where apartment bans currently block lower-income households from accessing housing. Let your legislators know that you support more missing middle housing in your backyard!




Exclusionary zoning perpetuates segregation and prevents lower-income families from living in resource- & opportunity-rich neighborhoods. It stands in the way of creating vibrant and diverse cities that can only be supported by moderate density and mixed incomes.

Studies after studies have affirmed that upzoning works to provide affordable homes in good neighborhoods; it is past time we dismantle exclusionary zoning once and for all. On Wednesday May 26th, please join Abundant Housing LA as we converse with pioneers who are the early advocates and implementers of ending exclusionary zoning. RSVP today!

Spotlight: Mark Yu – working for more housing affordability!

Mark Yu is graduating senior at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) majoring in Economics with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. He currently works with phoenixRISING Housing, an affordable and supportive housing developer in the Los Angeles area with current projects in Palmdale for the affordable market and veterans experiencing homelessness. Through container housing, phoenixRISING is able to help address California’s housing and homelessness crises in record times and at low costs. Mark has realized the serious lack of housing and supportive services in Los Angeles and is devoted to help fill this shortage, restore communities, and give new lives to individuals and families alike.  

In case you missed it – Housing 101

If you weren’t able to attend, check out the youtube recording of our last Housing 101 event, presented by Luke Klipp. Learn about the history of housing scarcity, white supremacy, and racism in land use and zoning, and what you can do to get involved.