How are we celebrating Black History Month? 

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Working towards a Los Angeles where housing advocacy is no longer needed

When I became the first staff member of Abundant Housing LA in 2019, I had a singular goal: to do everything I could in my new position to end the housing crisis, long-term. In other words, the direction we’re going in is one in which the organization itself is no longer necessary. Housing advocates don’t do our work just to further housing advocacy; we do it to build a better world for our communities, our children, and future generations. 

Similarly, Abundant Housing LA does not exist to chip away at the margins of the housing crisis. It is dedicated to addressing the root systemic causes of the crisis, in order to end that crisis for good. Systemic change is difficult, and we are under no illusions about that.

But every day, people leave the region due to high housing costs, lose their homes, or in the worst cases, die from this crisis. Vulnerable members of society and low income communities of color disproportionately experience the impact of this. That leaves us no choice other than to make major housing change as soon as humanly possible.

Abundant Housing LA is focused on the Housing Element Update process in 2021, because it is the best opportunity we have to change the upstream causes of housing scarcity, as fast as possible. Housing elements are due in October 2021, and they must plan for nearly 1.4 million homes over the next decade in Southern California. There has never been a housing allocation of this size, and there likely will never be again. We have this one year to take full advantage of this opportunity for change, and Abundant Housing LA is committed to doing everything that we can. Please consider supporting us and joining the effort.

What would 2022 look like for housing advocates if we get this right, if we truly change the system of housing long-term? What would our work look like if pro-housing advocacy were no longer necessary? 

Join us in imagining this future of abundant housing. Let us know your thoughts by replying to this email, and please donate so that we can do everything we can in 2021 while we have this Housing Element opportunity

– Leonora, Executive Director

Black History Month Auction

On the last day of Black History Month, we will be auctioning off 24×36 frames of the artwork we displayed throughout the month. Each portrait will begin at $50, a discounted rate compared to the rate the artist typically sells at. We hope that you and your network can join us, all proceeds will go towards Abundant Housing LA as we continue the fight to end the legacy of redlining and housing discrimination.

Use this link to register. And use this link to view the artwork and submit your bid

Action Alert!

Here at Abundant Housing LA, we’re always advocating for more housing near transit and job centers. When excess office space and underutilized strip malls are turned into new homes and stores, we make it easier to live near jobs and amenities, reducing car dependency, we avoid displacing existing renters, and we encourage a strong economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

But in much of California, building housing in commercially-zoned areas is banned. That’s why we’re asking you to support Assembly Bill 115 and Senate Bill 6, two bills that would legalize housing and mixed-use development on commercial sites. A clear and consistent set of statewide rules are needed to overcome local NIMBY opposition. So today, please ask your state assemblymember and senator to support these important bills, and to support more vibrant, job-rich, and pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods across our state!



Undesign the Redline Virtual Exhibit – Feb 17, 6–8 pm